Berlin-Design Competition 2012
Call for submissions

After the successful launch of the competition at this year's DMY International Design Festival, we are pleased to introduce the "Berlin-Design Competition 2012 by Herlitz & DMY". In cooperation with Herlitz, we invite designers and design institutions to submit their product ideas (3D) and graphic designs (2D). As a leading brand for paper, office and stationary products in Europe, Herlitz invites designers not only to design new products, but also to build upon existing products and shape them in a distinct and unique way.

The „Berlin-Design Competition 2012 by Herlitz & DMY“ will award prizes worth a total of 13.000 €:

• For the category Product Design (3D)

1. Prize: 2.500 €
2. Prize: 1.500 €
3. Prize: 1.000 €

• For the category Graphic Design (2D)

1. Prize: 1.500 €
2. Prize: 1.000 €
3. Prize: 500 €

Furthermore there will be a main winner of the Berlin-Design Competition 2012. The main winner will be selected out of both categories and will additionally get the following prize:

- your own booth at the DMY international Design Festival 2013 (5 - 9. June 2013)
- travel and accommodation
- presentation of the award of the Berlin-Design Competition 2012 at the DMY International Design Festival 2013 

(value: ca. 5.000 €)

We invite designers to submit their designs in the following categories:

• Product Design (3D)

- Pencil for Learning of the Future:
We search for a pencil for primary school children, especially first-grader. Apart from the children, the parents should be adressed as purchasers and decision makers.

- Mobile Lifestyle Folder of the Future
We search for a product that distinguishes itself from conventional stationary folders and its parts: a punched repository for mobile use suiting the needs of different target groups (pupils, students and professionals)

- School Bag of the Future
We search for a school bag that parents and grandparents can give to their children/grandchildren for their first day at school. The design of the school bag should consider changing conditions such as the increased use of computers and tablets in classes today. The design and graphics play a central role within the choice of the children. Functionality, quality and security is crucial for parents.

- Permanent Marker of the Future
We search for a product design that considers different places (home office or office) and different ways of usage (labeling of Cds, Apparel, Mail).

• Graphic Design (2D), for each topic 3 motives in A4
(at a later point: motives for notepad, pencil, pencil case, folder)

- Motives for a school set for teenagers
- Motives for a school set for teenagers with reference to Berlin
- Lifestyle/Home motives addressing young women

Various forms such as collages, photos, drafts or graffiti are welcome. The selection of motives should correspond to the respective target group (teenager at the age of 12-17 / women over 20).

The jury will rate all submissions due to following criteria

• Item for the future
• Functional Uniqueness
• Technical and monetary realizable
• Modernity
• Fit to target group

The deadline for submissions is September 30. If you are interested in participating, please send us an email to receive the tender documents:

We are looking forward to your submissions!